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How Much Protein Do You Need?

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The Ultimate Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

Plant-Based Basics | Resources

6 Ways To Get Started on a Plant-Based Diet

Nutrition | Plant-Based Basics | Resources | Science

5 Reasons Carbohydrates Are the Optimal Fuel

Nutrition | Resources | Science

5 Reasons To Get Your Protein From Plants

Plant-Based Basics | Resources

5 Tips for Plant-Based Grocery Shopping

Plant-Based Basics | Recipes

5 Quick Go-To Protein Recipes

Plant-Based Basics | Resources

Simple Swaps and Substitutions for Plant-Based Eating

Plant-Based Basics | Resources

5 Tips for Cooking Plant-Based Meals

Game Changers Cast | Nutrition | Science

Dr. Loomis’ “Beef” with Men’s Health Review of the film


Where do you get your protein? What about soy? Our experts and athletes weigh in on the most commonly asked questions about plant-based eating and building muscle and strength.

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