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10 Plant-Based Recipes for the Big Game

Regardless of who you’re rooting for in the big game, if you’re on #TeamGameChangers you’ll be  #winning with these delicious, crowd-pleasing, plant-based recipes. Savory Plant-Based Treats: Smashed Potato Nachos A […]

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Important Nutrients

It’s easy to get all the nutrients we need to thrive eating a plant-based diet. Plant-based diets are typically higher in quality than diets that include meat (1) and include […]

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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Protein is one of the main building blocks of the body, helping us grow and repair tissue, while also helping our hormone and immune systems function properly. Important as it […]

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6 Ways To Get Started on a Plant-Based Diet

When it comes to making food choices, everyone has their own goals and their own rate of change. Some people cut out animal products entirely, while others start by including […]

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The Ultimate Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

Whether you’re planning a fully plant-based Thanksgiving dinner or just want to bring a delicious plant-based dish or two to impress your family and friends, we’ve curated a list of […]

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5 Reasons Carbohydrates Are the Optimal Fuel

While the common misconception is that meat/protein is what fuels exercise, the actual energy for exercise comes mainly from the carbohydrates found in plants. We explore why carbohydrates are the […]

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5 Reasons To Get Your Protein From Plants

As demonstrated by the athletes and research featured in The Game Changers, switching to a diet centered around plants can yield significant advantages, not only for athletes, but for anyone who […]

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5 Tips for Plant-Based Grocery Shopping

If you’re new to plant-based eating, having a grocery shopping game plan can save you time, money and stress. Here are some simple tips you can put to use on […]

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5 Quick Go-To Protein Recipes

Since most people grew up with meat at the center of the plate, knowing how to make plant-based meals that are high in plant-protein can feel overwhelming. But it’s actually […]

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Simple Swaps and Substitutions for Plant-Based Eating

If you’re new to plant-based eating, knowing easy swaps and substitutions can save you time, stress, and money. Here’s a simple guide to replacing animal ingredients with plant-based ingredients. As […]

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5 Tips for Cooking Plant-Based Meals

We live during a time where virtually every dish can be made plant-based, even the most classic of comfort foods, like mac n’ cheese, fried rice, and brownies. But this […]

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Dr. Loomis’ “Beef” with Men’s Health Review of the film

“I’ve cut back on meat by 80% and I have never felt better. My doctors are happy and I haven’t lost a step in the gym. I’m not a vegan, […]

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Where do you get your protein? What about soy? Our experts and athletes weigh in on the most commonly asked questions about plant-based eating and building muscle and strength.

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