5 Quick Go-To Protein Recipes

November 5, 2019

Since most people grew up with meat at the center of the plate, knowing how to make plant-based meals that are high in plant-protein can feel overwhelming. But it’s actually pretty simple: just find a handful of protein-packed recipes, and they will quickly become your automatic go-to’s when building out your meals. Here are some of our recommendations.


Simple Baked Tofu:

At a whopping 24 grams of protein per serving, this simple baked tofu is a versatile protein that can be added to wraps, pastas, salads, sandwiches or stir fries. Once you’ve nailed the basic “formula”, experiment with different herbs and seasonings to keep it fresh and exciting.


Tempeh Bacon:

Whether you’re looking to add a 25-gram-per-serving protein kick to sandwiches and bowls, or just crave a nutrient-dense snack, this smoky tempeh bacon is a great one to have in the rotation.




Batches of beans and lentils:

Beans and lentils are protein and fiber-packed, go with virtually everything and are super affordable. Preparing dried beans is easy – all you need is a little time. You can apply this recipe to any bean or lentil. Make a big batch to last all week and add them into your favorite dishes.




Tofu Scramble:

This quick and easy tofu scramble recipe is the perfect protein base for a bowl, wrap, or breakfast platter. Change up the veggies you use for new flavors and textures.




Store-bought plant-based “meats”:

Most grocery stores offer a selection of plant-based “meats” that are a simple swap for any meat dish you love. You’ll find plant-based versions of chicken strips, burgers, hotdogs, sausages, ground beef, pulled pork, deli slices, bacon, etc. Experiment with a few options until you find the ones you love. This is a great option for people who don’t have the time or interest in cooking from scratch.

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